Web Design

website design for a photo gallery shop

Website design for an online shop selling gallery quality photos of sport, music and Hollywood icons.

Mobile device web designs

Responsive web design for mobile devices.

Website image showcase

Website showcase for a specialist division of a large architectural company.

Information rich website design

A information rich website for one of London’s finest photographic printers.

Design for a canned food manufacturer's website

Great food photography and recipes added visual appeal to this canned food manufacturer’s website.

An image led website design

An image led website for a London based advertising photographer.

 A film production company’s website

A clean fresh look for a small film production company’s website.

Website design for a cleaning service

Website design for a specialist city building cleaning service.

Financial website design

A website design and build for a well known independent mortgage broker.

Website design with a difference

We have been designing and building websites since 1999. In that time we have seen web design change and develop as the internet has changed and developed. But the fundamental principles of good web design have remained the same.

A website design

At teigndesign we approach things differently to most others. We do things right and we do them right from the start. We don’t just copy and paste your logo, text and pictures into a template. We go back to the very heart of what makes a website successful and develop from there.

You can spend every penny you have on a all singing and dancing website but it will all be wasted if nobody knows your site is there.

Search engine optimization is critically important to any website and we build from the ground up with this as the focal point. If your website is designed with search engine optimization from the start you should appear very high in search results on Google, get more visitors and be more successful. That is what you want isn’t it?

Most web designers and even large agencies skirt around this issue, requiring you to spend thousands of extra pounds to get any worthwhile results at all in search engines.

Teigndesign build and design websites for a wide variety of businesses, so whether you’re a start up or a major business we can help you achieve a professional online presence on a very reasonable budget.

Our websites are designed and built to be responsive, meaning visitors get a perfect viewing experience on any phone, tablet or computer.

We design websites with the end user in mind – your target market, your customers. Every website has different needs and requirements and our websites are designed to meet those needs. Many web designers and companies fail to recognise this – they are effectively designing for themselves and not the end user. At teigndesign we put you and your customers first.

mobile web design

A web design case study

The client had an idea for an online business. No name, no domain name, just a good, solid idea.

Teigndesign worked closely with them each and every step of the way in bringing the business to reality. We came up with the name, matching domain name, logo, copywriting, website design, website structure and functionality. We led them through the website build process with our e-commerce partners, all the way to launch. We designed and produced business stationery, publicity material and advertising. In short we made their idea into a thriving business.

If you are interested in what teigndesign can do for you simply to get in contact and we’ll take it from there.