Print Design

24 page A4 landscape brochure design

A 24 page A4 landscape brochure design promoting Rail Europe’s “all stops” service for the travel industry.

DL sized leaflet design

Strong use of colour added impact for this DL sized leaflet design with accompanying vouchers.

Four A5 direct mail postcard designs

Four in a series of twelve A5 direct mail postcard designs featuring artists work and the different processes they chose.

A holiday company’s brochure

A unique photographic style and punchy headlines quickly conveyed the major selling points for this holiday company’s brochure.

10 holiday brochure designs

The full range of 10 holiday brochure designs.

four page A4 direct mail leaflet design

A four page A4 direct mail leaflet design for the Australian Wine Club.

24 page brochure design

A sports theme added excitement and colour to this 24 page brochure design detailing RAC’s services for corporate clients.

Four A5 leaflet designs

Four A5 leaflet designs for divisions of RAC Business Services.

corporate brochure design

A four page corporate brochure design for a geo-engineering company.

Five direct mail leaflet designs

Five direct mail leaflet designs in an ongoing series promoting special offers and product announcements .

A5 leaflet design

A very strong message led this A5 leaflet design with questionnaire and reply paid coupon.

Company brochures, leaflets and direct mail designs for print

There is no denying we live in a world dominated by the internet but there is still an important role for physical printed items.

Printed items can go places where websites can’t. Getting your message on paper and into someone’s hands is a much different experience than viewing something on a screen. Print design adds a tactile experience that really does put you directly in touch with your customers.

brochure design

At teigndesign we have created all types of design for print covering many diverse products and services. We cover the full range of marketing literature from stationery, leaflets and company brochures through to creative and targeted direct mail pieces.

Whether it is a simple newsletter, a four page promotional brochure or a full range of corporate reports, we apply the same carefully considered design skills to everything we do.

We have designed and created a range of ten holiday brochures with a unique look and feel, producing over 1,500 pages in the process. We have created business to business direct mail campaigns for major companies that have increased leads beyond expectations.

And we’ve created simple yet effective leaflet designs for small local businesses. We know all about design for print and how you can get the best out of it.

If you need something designed and printed to help build your brand, to inform or educate, to bring in more customers or for any other reason simply contact us.

A print design case study

The client had a few thousand artists and photographers in their database and wished to inform them all of a number of new photographic printing services that had recently been added to their range and remind them of some of the more traditional ones.

Many people do not always keep up to date with websites, social media or open email newsletters, so the decision was made to put something physical in front of each and every one of them. But what?

We decided it had to be something the target market could identify with and relate to. It had to be something with striking visual content that intrigued and compelled them to read on, rather than bin straight away.

direct mail postcard design

Teigndesign initially created a series of six A5 postcards featuring artists and photographers work from within the client’s database. Each featured a different printing or finishing service and were mailed at fortnightly intervals.

The reverse read “I chose Genesis Imaging’s Giclée Fine Art Prints” (text quoting why the artist chose this particular service) “Which will you choose?” Each postcard also featured a unique url for more information allowing interest to be accurately tracked.

Overall response was extremely positive, with business increasing substantially. Furthermore the client commissioned another six postcards to be designed, bringing the total to twelve. Many of the recipients said they found the postcards inspiring and collected the whole series.

If you are interested in what teigndesign can do for you simply to get in contact and we'll take it from there.