Packaging Design

Camera Packaging design

European packaging for Konica Minolta’s Dynax 7D Digital SLR camera.

Wine packaging design

Packaging for two in a series of four, 4 litre wine casks for Wynns Wines.

Beer packaging Design

Beer label and coaster design for an independent microbrewery.

A range of label designs

A range of labels for Peruvian company Sol Produce to launch their products in the UK.

Sardine packaging

Sardine ring-pull tins for Glenryck Foods, emphasizing the product’s South African origin.

Food packaging design

Pack designs for an independent UK organic frozen food manufacturer.

Tuna packaging

Upmarket design of eco-friendly premium tuna for Glenryck Foods.

Camera packaging

Two of a four strong range of twin zoom camera packs for Minolta's European market.

Port label design

A light-hearted series of port labels for one of the UK’s leading port consumers.

Canned food packaging

Two label designs for Sol Produce canned asparagus.

Three camera packaging designs

Three packs in the range of six Minolta compact zoom cameras designed for the European market.

Organic Fruit Juice packaging design

A range of four organic fruit juice cartons.

Canned salmon packaging

Labels for two varieties of Glenryck Foods Alaskan salmon steaks.

Sparkling wine packaging design

A range of three cans of air fresheners... and a design for an Australian sparkling wine.

Now more than ever, good packaging design really matters.

Consumers are bombarded with pack designs on a daily basis in many different visual environments. So creating an eye-catching packaging design that really stands out for your product is more than important... it's vital.

razor packaging design

We love packaging design and have worked in this sector for many years. We have designed packaging for all areas of the market from high cost cameras and champagne to canned goods that cost less than a pound. In all cases it's about convincing the consumer to buy your product regardless of cost.

In the first instance your packaging design needs to stand out from its competitors on the shelf.

But in reality that is not enough. Not only does it need to stand out on the shelf, it needs to fly off the shelf!

They say not to judge a book by its cover but that's exactly what people do. This is especially true in packaging design. Given that two products are nearly identical in price, which will the consumer choose? The one that looks the best.

The consumer needs a reason to buy your product. What is that reason? That's exactly what teigndesign as packaging designers can do... we create a reason.

A packaging design case study

The Maldives Government in cooperation with our client wanted to test launch a new product in the already overcrowded UK canned tuna market.

Despite our client having excellent contacts with the major UK supermarkets only one chain would potentially give it any shelf space (bottom shelf) as long as it was priced above all other brands and then only on a trial basis.

tuna packaging design

We came up with a premium design heralding the product’s pristine, tropical origins and eco-friendly credentials that has major shelf impact and consumer appeal.

On seeing the finished design the supermarket agreed to stock the product at the earliest opportunity.

The result was a outstanding success with the supermarket demanding more and more product... and you can see why.

If you are interested in what teigndesign can do for your packaging design simply to get in contact and we’ll take it from there.