Logo Design & Branding

Logo Design for Saracens F. C.

Logo Design for Saracens F. C.

Australian Wine Agencies logo

A distinctive logo design for Australian Wine Agencies with a folder, stationery (featuring a fold out business card) and website design.

A range of four logo designs

Four bright and colourful strong logo designs

Logo Design and branding for a kitchenware retailer

Logo design, letterhead, with compliments slip, business card, gift voucher and web design for a online and high street kitchenware retailer.

Branding and Logo Design for a photographic printer

Logo Design, stationery, DVD and website design for one of London’s finest photographic printers.

Three logo designs

Three more logo designs.

Logo Design for a ski holiday company

Logo design, stationery, ticket wallet and advertising for a division of Thomas Cook.

Branding, stationery and Logo Design

Logo Design, stationery and website design for an online photographic print gallery.

Four more logo designs

Four more logo designs.

A well designed logo doesn’t mean your business will always succeed – but it certainly helps.

The design of your logo says a lot about you and your company. In business first impressions really do matter.

If you spend some time and money on a good logo design at the start it will show you are serious about business from the start. Conversely if you decide to do it yourself or get a printer/computer literate friend/online logo generator to do it, it really will show.

A good logo design should not only be be eye-catching and memorable but reflect what you do as a business. As a general rule a logo design for a florist shouldn’t look strong and masculine nor should a building company’s logo look delicate and feminine. There are always exceptions to this rule in logo design but it is important to get the balance right.

A properly designed logo should also be adaptable to the many different ways you will use it. Is it only ever going to appear at the top of your website in a very limited area? Or is it going to be used on your website, business stationery, signage, advertising, packaging, etc?

A lot of time, thought and consideration goes into designing a logo that makes the right first impression, suits your business, looks great and will stand the test of time.

At teigndesign we have designed numerous successful logos for all manner of businesses and products from all over the world.

Once your logo is designed and approved it needs to be applied to a range of different items. You may need business cards, letterheads, with compliments slips, address labels to name but a few. So you email your logo to a printer right? Wrong. Printers put ink on paper. That's all they really do.

Your new logo should be applied to all the items you need with the same care and consideration as the initial logo design process. This is something that designers should do and is the very start of creating or building a brand.

What is branding?

There are many definitions of the term but initially it is the process of giving your company or product a unique image and feel that immediately identifies and differentiates it from others. A logo by itself is not a brand but it is the foundation of your brand. Your business stationery, website, packaging and promotional materials all should feature your logo and together they should start to communicate your brand.

Your logo design and branding should be completely coordinated and provide a seamless experience to a customer both online and offline, from your business cards to your delivery vehicles and permeate every part of your business infrastructure.

This is only the very beginning of the branding process but it gives you an idea of the best route to follow.

A logo design and branding case study

Our client had just bought a small kitchenware shop with the idea of developing an online business to run in parallel. They needed a business name, domain name, logo design, stationery items, shop signage, website design and branding. A real start-up that we were willing to help despite their very limited budget.

logo design and branding

We came up with a very strong but clean, modern and colourful logo design and brand that appealed to both sexes for use on the full range of printed items and integrated the look and feel into the website. One happy client and the beginning of one strong brand.

If you are interested in what teigndesign can do for you simply to get in contact and we’ll take it from there.