half page advertisements

An impactful series of half page advertisements for RAC Business Services.

A trade advertising campaign

A trade advertising campaign which could meet a diverse range of the client’s needs.

British Airways Holidays advertising

A “cover wrap” for British Airways Holidays using a question and answer format.

A series of six right hand ads

Followed inside by a series of ads appearing on consecutive right hand pages for BA Holidays.

An advertising campaign for Red Oak

An advertising campaign introducing American Red Oak to architects and specifiers.

A full page advertisement for American hardwood

A full page advertisement promoting American hardwood to architects and designers.

A double page advertisement for wine

A double page advertisement featured in the Sunday supplements.

Two full page ads for an online shop

Two in a series of full page ads for an online surf retailer.

Three double page ads for a holiday company

Three double page ads launching Sunworld’s range of holidays to the travel trade.

Outdoor advertising

Three impactful 6 metre long posters hung in major London train stations.

Three trade advertisements

Three in a long running series of ads promoting Bakels offers to the baking trade.

Two advertisements promoting American hardwood

Two in a campaign of advertisements promoting American hardwood across the UK and Europe.

A series of five classified advertisements

A highly impactful series of ads which appeared in the travel sections of major newspapers.

Great advertising is the key to many companies success.

Advertising is a very powerful tool. It can sell products, build brands, inform and educate. It can change attitudes and perceptions, it can get you attention and it can drive people to your website.

Regular advertising can create positive memories and feelings that can and do influence our behaviour over time. It is a multi-billion pound industry worldwide that really does work – provided it is done correctly.

Most design companies don’t really understand the nuances of advertising. They view it as just another rectangular space into which they need to put the clients logo, a picture or two and some text – make it look pretty and there is your ad.

At teigndesign we have worked in all forms of advertising for many years, covering many diverse products and services.

We’ve created ads that sell products direct to the public using national newspapers. We’ve raised awareness of unknown products using creative advertising in trade magazines. We’ve sold train tickets to France using targeted outdoor advertising. We understand advertising.

The key to successful advertising

The key to successful advertising is understanding how advertising really works.

What is the message you are trying to get across? Who are you trying to get that message across to? What would be the best way to target those people? In what form should that advertising be? What do you want them to do after they have seen your advertising?

There are many more questions that need to be answered to form the backbone of any good advertising campaign. At teigndesign we know the questions that should be asked and how to use the answers to produce successful advertising, tailored specifically for you and your products.

The most often overlooked aspect of advertising is frequency. Successful brands advertise a lot.

Frequent advertising not only ensures you reach your customers, it builds confidence, gives reassurance, raises brand awareness, and it gives better results.

And that is the single most important aspect of advertising – if done properly it gets results!

advertising and design

An advertising case study

Successful advertising doesn't have to be “in your face.” We created a extremely successful campaign of ads that ran frequently Europe wide promoting American Hardwood to architects and designers.

We used a series of projects built by high profile architects from American hardwood to showcase the beauty and adaptability of the material. This headline read "Design by Adjaye, Material by nature. American Hardwood." Result: Massive increase in use of the material Europe wide.

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